Estremadura03 Pillow

Estremadura03 Pillow


Pillows crafted by women that have loomed for decades in their own looms in their own homes, using virgin cotton textile excess from other ventures in the area.
Handcrafted in the Centro region of Portugal

Back of pillow is in solid cotton fabric w contrast zipper.
Machine wash cold, air dry.
Shown with included 18"x18" down stuffer.

Approx 18" W x 18 H"

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All pieces are proudly crafted by hand. As such, quantities are limited but possibly already in production - Feel free to email if you're looking for additional quantities.

Note that as pieces are made by hand and by nature, every piece will be slightly different with beautiful imperfections.



Having explored textiles in Italy and her native Portugal, Teresa Gameiro is a real champion of Portuguese craft. She seeks to build and maintain real relationships with original creators who have been makers of handcrafted goods for literally generations.

Teresa focuses on the recovery and recycling and recovery of original textiles as raw materials and uses local know-how to create environmentally sustainable, high quality and elegant products with a connection the past.

The materials used range from second-hand clothes to industrial textile waste. Most of the weavers, living across Portugal’s small towns and villages, are more than 60 years old and are now the last members of their family who still carry on original methods of production keeping a tradition alive.